As our place for the holidays wasn’t far away and none of us had ever been to Castle Neuschwanstein, we decided to go and see the buildung that often seems to be the German sight for everyone from abroad. After waiting for more than an hour we finally got our tickets and were able to check out King Ludwig’s bedroom (lots of wood (pun intended)), his little darkroom (officially referred to as grotto), the telephone line (directly to his mum in the castle next-door) and the singer’s hall (lots of squirrels drawn on the wall). One of the most touristic things I’ve ever done, I guess. Here’s some photos. (I’m afraid no wood, no darkroom, no squirrels – taking pictures inside the castle isn’t allowed.)

neuschwanstein_MG_4134 neuschwanstein_MG_4154 neuschwanstein_MG_4137 neuschwanstein_MG_4156 neuschwanstein_MG_4159 neuschwanstein_MG_4173 neuschwanstein_MG_4170 neuschwanstein_MG_4166

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