NYC #5


There’s not that much to say about this post. Except: there are three squirrels! Two of them alive.


nyc_day5_5923 nyc_day5_5924 nyc_day5_5927 nyc_day5_5930 nyc_day5_5932 nyc_day5_5933 nyc_day5_5935 nyc_day5_5942 nyc_day5_5945 nyc_day5_5946 nyc_day5_5947 nyc_day5_5952 nyc_day5_5954 nyc_day5_5959 nyc_day5_5965 nyc_day5_5972 nyc_day5_5975 nyc_day5_5985 nyc_day5_5988 nyc_day5_5991 nyc_day5_6005 nyc_day5_6006 nyc_day5_6009 nyc_day5_6010 nyc_day5_6016 nyc_day5_6017 nyc_day5_6026 nyc_day5_6027 nyc_day5_6028 nyc_day5_6031 nyc_day5_6032 nyc_day5_6033 nyc_day5_6037 nyc_day5_6042 nyc_day5_6046 nyc_day5_6048 nyc_day5_6059 nyc_day5_6061

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