The Last Day of October

I love fall. It’s usually not so warm anymore, the air feels crisp again, the light is warmer and softer than in summer, and I guess I don’t have to tell you about the colors.

Temperature-wise I wasn’t really happy with this fall (way too warm), but nature made up for it with extra spectacular colors and sunshine. Be prepared for some reeeally kitschy photos from a walk on the last day of October. (And now: how about some snow, huh?)

last_day_of_october_9744 last_day_of_october_9725

last_day_of_october_9721 last_day_of_october_9722 last_day_of_october_9724 last_day_of_october_9728 last_day_of_october_9729 last_day_of_october_9730 last_day_of_october_9732 last_day_of_october_9734 last_day_of_october_9735 last_day_of_october_9737 last_day_of_october_9740 last_day_of_october_9749 last_day_of_october_9762 last_day_of_october_9773

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