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VSCO Roundup #28 – June 2017


June mostly felt like summer is supposed to feel – bike rides, warm nights on the balcony, and lots of ice cream. The best part though was a hike in the Eifel, where you can book nice wooden platforms (with a toilet!) to camp on.

Also in this post: cat content!


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VSCO Roundup #27 – May 2017


Lots of great things happened in May, so there’s a ton of photos coming up. I made trips to Frankfurt and Berlin, I hiked and swam and biked a lot (for the first time in my life on the Tempelhofer Feld, which was really amazing. I want an abandoned airport in Dortmund, too!), I patted a donkey, I found lots of really strange window decorations, I drank beer in rooftop gardens, I spent early mornings at train stations and I saw some beautiful light (and shadow).


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VSCO Roundup #26 – April 2017


April went by pretty fast. The best thing about last month was a weekend at the beach in the Netherlands: wearing sunglasses, holding bare feet into the sea, flying a kite, walking through the storm (I still got sand in the pockets of my jacket), drinking beer, and eating frietjes, of course.

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Here’s the last post from my trip to Jokkmokk. It’s about snow.




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Jokkmokk – Modes of Transport




Downtown Jokkmokk


Jokkmokk Pride, I guess. 🌈👊

Ein von jottkah (@jott.kah) gepostetes Foto am

Jokkmokk’s pretty small, there are less than 3,000 inhabitants. So strolling through the city is quite a short pleasure, but it is one nevertheless. The whole city is covered in snow, not even the sidewalks are cleared. The streets are wide and light and the buildings are painted in beautiful colors. There are huge candles everywhere and in front of shops they have iron baskets with a real fire inside. (Something that would be completely impossible in Germany).

I was quite surprised by the rainbow flag in the middle of town – wouldn’t have expected that in a really tiny town at the end of the world. But it’s good to see that there obviously is queer life around the arctic circle. (Well – or I’m getting it all wrong and someone just liked that rainbow sticker. ;-))

My favorite photo is the one where the yellow snow perfectly matches the color of the building.



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A walk around Talvatis


Funny things happen when you go on a walk at -24 °C (-11 °F). At first your nose starts tickling because the hair inside freezes, then you get tiny ice clumps on your eyelashes and eyebrows. Hair that’s sticking out of your beanie freezes as well. You could probably break yourself a new haircut (hairbreak?).

That’s what I learned when I took a walk around Talvatis, a lake in Jokkmokk. I also learned that even though sunrise is at 10 and sunset at 1, it’s not as dark as one would think. (Okay, it’s probably worse on cloudy days …) It’s like dawn and dusk merging into another for hours and the light is incredible.

jokkmokk_talvatis_MG_2696 jokkmokk_talvatis_MG_2476 jokkmokk_talvatis_MG_2487 jokkmokk_talvatis_MG_2475 jokkmokk_talvatis_MG_2716 jokkmokk_talvatis_MG_2711 jokkmokk_talvatis_MG_2700 jokkmokk_talvatis_MG_2519 jokkmokk_talvatis_MG_2550 jokkmokk_talvatis_MG_2539 jokkmokk_talvatis_MG_2465 jokkmokk_talvatis_MG_2534 jokkmokk_talvatis_MG_2705 jokkmokk_talvatis_MG_2531 jokkmokk_talvatis_MG_2521 jokkmokk_talvatis_MG_2495 jokkmokk_talvatis_MG_2687





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Aurora Borealis in Jokkmokk





Of course I had hoped to see some northern lights during my trip, but as it was a very short one I knew the chances weren’t especially good. So I was incredibly happy when in the first evening someone came into the dining room and yelled “Northern lights!” I put on several layers of clothes in no time (actually I wished I could dress that fast on a regular workday morning …) and went out to the lake. I had seen northern lights once before, and back then the activity was very slow and barely visible for the human eye. This time was completely different. The lights were bright, the green hue was clearly visible, they were large and moving rapidly. The sky changed so quickly that I could hardly keep up with taking photos. And besides I was very, very busy staring up in the sky, mouth wide open, shouting “Oh my God, this is so amazing!” over and over.




















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Dogsledding in Jokkmokk



My stay in Jokkmokk, Sweden, was very short but one of the best trips I ever took. One reason for that was a ride on a dog sled – my first one ever, and hopefully not the last. I was assigned to a group that should start their ride at 1 in the afternoon – that’s when the sun goes down. I was quite annoyed by this at first, but there sure were some advantages: Atmospheric campfire in the dark! Clear and starry sky with an almost full moon! Snow sparkling in our mushers’ headlights!

But it was almost impossible to take any photos. During the ride I could neither take a single picture nor use my GoPro. I was stuck in the back of the sled and I was wearing two pairs of gloves (and two pairs of socks and long johns and a down jacket and a thermo overall and a balaclava and a beanie and …), so even if I would have been able to grab my camera, there would have been no chance to press the shutter release button.

I tried again when we stopped for a campfire and coffee and grilled sausages. But it was so dark already that I had to put the camera on the ground for a longer exposure time and so all the photos are blurry, grainy, and mostly show legs. But I like them anyway. :-)

Thanks to Matti and Stina from Jokkmokkguiderna, who were fantastic hosts!

jokkmokk_dogsled_MG_2640 jokkmokk_dogsled_MG_2643


jokkmokk_dogsled_MG_2656 jokkmokk_dogsled_MG_2659 jokkmokk_dogsled_MG_2662 jokkmokk_dogsled_MG_2663 jokkmokk_dogsled_MG_2665 jokkmokk_dogsled_MG_2668 jokkmokk_dogsled_MG_2670 jokkmokk_dogsled_MG_2677




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VSCO Roundup #22 – December 2016


And here’s the last batch of mobile phone photos from 2016. I spent an awesome weekend in a winter wonderland – with lots of snow, huskies and northern lights. I even managed to take some photos with a real camera without my fingers freezing to death. When I finally get around to edit those pictures you’ll find them here, of course. Have a great start into 2017!

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