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VSCO Roundup #38 – April 2018


Here comes April. You’ll meet the two cutest guys in the world: Nino & Fritzi. They do have their own Instagram account by the way, so make sure to follow for pawsome cat content. Also, there was a trip to the beach in the Netherlands again. We had great weather, barefoot walks on the beach, ice cream and beer, and I had the chance to try my new kite. Fantastic weekend! A Place To Bury Strangers played a gig in Dortmund and a guy in the front row drank beer.

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VSCO Roundup #37 – March 2018


Oh. It’s the end of August already and the last VSCO Roundup I did was February. I guess there was quite a lot going on during the past months. But I’ll hurry up now and maybe in December I’ll be almost back on schedule. ;-)

In March I spent a weekend in Bremen (very nice) and Bremerhaven (incredibly ugly, but with an interesting museum).

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VSCO Roundup #36 part II – February 2018


Finally here’s the second part of February. I spent a weekend on the Dutch Norh Sea coast (and a few hours in Antwerp, for the first time ever). The weather was amazing and it felt so good to see the sun again after a long and gray winter. I totally fell in love with the light and the colors and fogged windows.

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VSCO Roundup #36 part I – February 2018


I took lots of photos in February, so I had to split this month’s post. The typical German winter (gray and wet and with occasional snow that melts away in hours) changed to a season that really deserves the name: cold, crisp air, clear sky and the most amazing sunrises and sunsets. I enjoyed this a lot.


VSCO Roundup #35 – January 2018


Oops – it’s March already and I haven’t posted anything since the beginning of the year. So here’s a very tiny VSCO roundup with the Janaury photos. There’ll be lots more in February, though!


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VSCO Roundup #34 – December 2017


What an amazing last month of an amazing year! December started with a few days of snow, which made me very happy. And it ended with a trip to Stockholm – three days filled with museums, walks, fika, and a hot sauna. And stunning views out of the airplane window.

Have a great new year, everyone!

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VSCO Roundup #33 – November 2017


It’s always dark. It’s dark when I leave the house in the morning, and it’s dark when I come back in the evening. (And now it’s even Dark on Netflix, haha …) So there are hardly any photos from November. But there’s Benjamin Clemtine playing in Dortmund, and Fritzi, cutest cat in the world, sitting in a kitchen cupboard.

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VSCO Roundup #32 part 2 – October 2017


How can it be December already? Time always seems to go faster during the last months of the year …

Here in the blog it’s still October and here are my mobile phone photos from a short but awesome trip to Madeira, a Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean. The four days were filled with beautiful hikes, spectacular views, warm weather, cold beers, tasty pastéis de nata, scary car rides, and swimming in natural volcano pools.

(Also, there’s a selfie! Sort of.)


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VSCO Roundup #32 part 1 – October 2017


There was so much going on in October that I had to split this month’s VSCO Roundup.

October began with the last day of Way Back When Festival, where I saw the German Band Gurr, who were pretty amazing.

Then there was a weekend in Frankfurt to eat Grüne Soße and – the actual reason of the trip – see Sigur Rós. I’ve seen those guys quite often by now and still their music makes me have goosebumps all over and tears in my eyes. Sigur Rós concerts are a beautiful but exhausting full body experience for me. It was amazing.

And yet another music-related trip. I was one of the lucky people to win a ticket for The National in the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. (I didn’t really win the ticket itself, I won the chance to buy one.) I admit it’s hard to compete with the greatness of a Sigur Rós show, but still, I was quite underwhelmed by both location and concert. I guess I had too high expectations for a bulding that’s been a huge topic in German media for a decade. I really love the silhouette of the Elbphilharmonie and how it fits into its surrounding, but the inside (especially the part you are allowed to visit without a concert ticket) was quite a disappointment. The concert hall itself is special and interesting, of course. I had a seat in the area in front of the stage and I think it’s even more fascinating from one of the upper levels. But still. I was incredibly distracted throughout the whole concert. As the sound is clear and brilliant (I guess. I mean, it DID sound really good, but I think my ears aren’t trained enough to really make out the difference.), there is so much visual noise all around you. There wasn’t a single moment where there was just “stage” and nothing else. All the time you see that cow-skin background right behind the stage, there is audience everywhere (which I actually find a nice idea, being able to sit behind the band/orchestra), you always see the emergency lights in the stairs, … Maybe I’m just too easily distracted and get visual overkill too fast. But that wasn’t the highlight I had expected.

After all those concerts I spent a few days on vacation – and that’s what part 2 of this roundup is gonna be about.



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VSCO Roundup #31 – September 2017


In September the outdoor swimming pool season ended (so I have to wait until May 1st, when they open again), I rode a nice bike borrowed from a colleague (mine had a flat tyre), I went to the horse races (won some money, but lost a little more), saw the Erik Kessels exhibition in Düsseldorf (and was a bit jealous because his ideas are so simple yet so fantastic), spent a beautiful day at the beach (and shot some polaroids), and went to the Way Back When Festival in Dortmund (Waxahatchee were amazing!).


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