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VSCO Roundup #57 – November 2020

Lots of walks in November: in the park during lunch breaks, to town getting coffee, around the lake on the beautiful Kettwiger Panoramasteig, …

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VSCO Roundup #56 – October 2020

October is my favourite month and this one was especially great. We were able to spend a few days on an island in the North Sea. It was the first time being by the sea this year and that little escape from our everyday lives with Corona felt soooo good. So there were lots of walks on the endless beach – but also some through the beautifully colored Ruhr area back home.

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VSCO Roundup #55 – September 2020

I don’t know what happened in September … I hardly took  any photos. But at least there’s another Corona ghost.



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VSCO Roundup #54 – August 2020

I went to the outdoor pool a lot and was surprised how the Corona rules made swimming way more relaxed than before.

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VSCO Roundup #53 – July 2020

In July we had originally planned to go on a trip to Berlin to see Björk in concert. Shortafter we wanted to spend ten days in Scotland. Of course the concert was cancelled and going to Scotland was impossible, too. But we still went to Berlin and enjoyed a few days in a city that felt almost empty. And instead of hiking through the Highlands we started walking the Hermannsweg, a long distance trail through the Teutoburger Wald. We didn’t finish the whole trail yet and I’m really looking forward to the rest of it.

So there’s a ton of photos from July, including two mirror selfies – one from the toilet of a pub/beer garden in the port of Dortmund, one from a museum for modern art in Berlin. Have fun finding out which is from where!


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VSCO Roundup #52 – June 2020

First times since the beginning of Corona:
– eating in a restaurant (outdoors, because I wouldn’t dare sitting inside)
– going to a store that is not a supermarket (to buy sports pants – then realising pants are obviously not worn anymore)

First time ever:
– picking up my finisher shirt (in a stadium) from a series of running events in winter/spring, which was cancelled right before the last run

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VSCO Roundup #51 – May 2020

More walks. I think I’ve never walked as much as during Corona. People from outside the Ruhrgebiet won’t believe it, but there’s so much beautiful nature here. The photos in the second part of this post have been taken somewhere else, though. We went on a two day hiking trip in the Eifel, which we had booked long before Corona, and after all the time of not going anywhere it felt as good and relaxing as a one week vacation.

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VSCO Roundup #50 – April 2020

Lots of walks and a few bike rides. Seeing noone but the cats.

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VSCO Roundup #49 – March 2020

I am so behind on posting again, but finally here’s my VSCO Roundup from March. If I had posted this at the beginning of April, I probably would’ve written about what a strange month March was. And it sure was – but in retrospect it was just the beginning of the new normal. In the first days of March there was a Big Thief concert in Cologne and although Corona was already a thing and we thought it might not be the very best idea to attend the show, we still did and so did one thousand other people. Thinking about it now feels like it happened in a completely different time and world. I started working from home (which I still do) and taking walks during lunch break to see all those little masked ghosts who startet to appear on almost every wall in Dortmund.

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Gurr @ Zeche Carl, Essen (February 6, 2020)

Exactly one month ago I went to see Gurr in Essen. It was an awesome Rock’n’Roll show, stagediving included. Those women (and the male drummer) had so much fun on stage, it was pure joy to watch them. Afterwards I was so motivated and euphoric that I immediately wanted to start my own band. (I didn’t, though.) Here’s a bunch of photos.