VSCO Grid and Instagram

For a few months now I have a new phone – faster, with a better camera and more storage space. So I decided to finally join Instagram. There are lots of things I don’t really like about it and I won’t get used to, either, but I’ll give it a try anyway. You can follow my account here: jott_kah (My usual name was taken already. That’s one of the things I don’t like!)

What I like way more though is the VSCO grid. It’s more like a portfolio than a social media image thousands of comments emojis advertising blahblah thing like Instagram. And I (still) love the filters in the app – there are lots, they’re subtle and there’s a ton of other possibilities to edit a photo. So I hope I won’t get bored by the VSCO look too fast. This is my personal grid URL: jottkah.vsco.co. But I also want to establish a routine of posting all my recent VSCO images here in the blog.







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