found film

A few weeks ago I opened a box in my bedroom that I hadn’t opened in quite a while. I found an old analog Olympus SLR camera. It was loaded with a Kodak T-MAX 400, only a few pictures were left. So I rewound the film and had it developed. Almost the whole roll is filled with photos from a bunch of flowers. But one showed a Swedish advertisement on the side of a building. By googling I found out that wall is/was in Malmö. I have no idea when I was in Malmö the last time – I guess it was around 2004/2005. So here are some very grainy, blurry, badly scanned, almost fifteen years old photos.

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  1. 16.12.2018Diana says:

    Ganz schön schön!

    Stelle mir gerade vor, dass die Blumen in voller Pracht waren als du die Fotos gemacht hast…
    Da könnte man ein schönes Musikvideo raus machen. Wenn man noch schöne Musikvideos machen würde….

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