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Polaroids At The Beach


Maybe it’s because I recently re-played Life Is Strange, but I suddenly remembered my old Polaroid SX-70 and the shoebox filled with film. The film is really old (I bought most of it when Polaroid declared they would stop production) and so is its expiration date. But expired film is even more fun because you never now what will happen, so I took the camera with me when I spent a sunny day at the beach in the Netherlands. Lots of photos came out wrong, some didn’t come out of the camera at all (they did eventually, of course, but not exposed), and some turned out showing exactly the mood of that day: light, warm, mellow.

Now I’m really looking forward to shooting the rest from that shoebox.

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VSCO Roundup #31 – September 2017


In September the outdoor swimming pool season ended (so I have to wait until May 1st, when they open again), I rode a nice bike borrowed from a colleague (mine had a flat tyre), I went to the horse races (won some money, but lost a little more), saw the Erik Kessels exhibition in Düsseldorf (and was a bit jealous because his ideas are so simple yet so fantastic), spent a beautiful day at the beach (and shot some polaroids), and went to the Way Back When Festival in Dortmund (Waxahatchee were amazing!).


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