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VSCO Roundup #70 – December 2021

Another year of VSCO roundups done. Like last year I made a tiny printed book for each month. You can find the digital versions of these booklets on issuu.com/jottkah.

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VSCO Roundup #69 – November 2021

As usual, not much going on in November.


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VSCO Roundup #68 – October 2021

We left Germany for the first time since Corona and it was amazing.

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VSCO Roundup #67 – September 2021

I rode my bike, went to two exhibitions, spent time in the woods and in a hammock.

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A fall morning at the Ruhr

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VSCO Roundup #66 – August 2021

We went hiking. We went to a museum for light art. We went to Cologne for the Pride parade, but it was cold and raining all the time.

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VSCO Roundup #65 – July 2021

Although hardly any of our vacation plans worked out (we were supposed to go on a hiking trip in the area that was hit by the flood catastrophe) we had a good time. We continued our hike on the Hermannsweg and then – just like last year – we went to Berlin. It was incredibly hot, we went to Berghain, we took a tour in the Spreepark, we drank coffee and beer and hat fantastic food. It was so good to finally see something else again after months of lockdowns (which weren’t really lockdowns, but still) and social distancing. And on the last day of July there was the first concert since March 2020: Notwist in the Westfalenpark Dortmund. A really good month of summer.

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VSCO Roundup #64 – June 2021

I can’t really remember what happened in June. What kind of month is it? Is it 2020 or 2021? Ist the 8th month of the pandemic or the 25th? Everything’s a blur and I completely lost track of time. What I do remember is that I went to see two exhibitions during the F2 Fotofestival and I finally met (IRL!) a very good friend whom I hadn’t seen in person for more than a year.

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VSCO Roundup #63 – May 2021

There was lots of walking in May, both in the nature and in the city.

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VSCO Roundup #62 – April 2021

I totally forgot to post the photos from April, but there’s only a hand full anyway. I found a cool red car and some cherry blossoms, and we visited Halde Hoheward, a leap/landfill/dump with a huge landmark on top of it.