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VSCO Roundup #43 – September 2018 part 2 – Paris

Another great thing happened in September: we spent a weekend in Paris with friends. By train the trip only takes about an hour longer than to Berlin – I really don’t know why we haven’t gone there earlier. I had been in Paris once before, about 25 years ago. (I feel very old now.) At the time I had just learned a tiny bit of French and was able to say “Monsieur Cartier entre la salle de séjour.” Turns out, I can barely say any more than that today. All those years of French at school for nothing. Merde.

We strolled through Le Marais, drank beer, watched Julien Baker play a show, were happy about the rainbow crosswalk in the queer quarter, made photos with fingers atop the Louvre pyramid (which will never be published), held hands near the Seine, looked at the Eiffel tower, and wondered why Paris is called the city of love, when it should clearly be the city of piss smell.

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VSCO Roundup #43 – September 2018 part 1

January 2019 is almost over and I’m still stuck in September 2018. :-(

But it’s nice to look back especially to that month, because so many great things were going on. I even had to split the post since there are so many photos.

September started with a canoe trip on the river Niers. Next was an evening of “Kegeln”. It’s a bit like bowling, but not really. The most important things about Kegeln: it happens in the basement of shady pubs, everything is brown and straight from the 60s, you drink a lot, you have sore muscles the day after, and it’s a lot of fun. A weekend after that we did the Rapha Women’s 100. Women all over the world ride 100 kilometers on their bikes that day – and share the photos and experiences with the same hashtag. (Here’s our Instagram post including the route.) Then there was the Way Back When Festival (which was quite disappointing this year) and a workshop for mushroom picking (which was very nice despite not finding even one edible mushroom and both of us stepping into huge piles of dog shit).

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found film

A few weeks ago I opened a box in my bedroom that I hadn’t opened in quite a while. I found an old analog Olympus SLR camera. It was loaded with a Kodak T-MAX 400, only a few pictures were left. So I rewound the film and had it developed. Almost the whole roll is filled with photos from a bunch of flowers. But one showed a Swedish advertisement on the side of a building. By googling I found out that wall is/was in Malmö. I have no idea when I was in Malmö the last time – I guess it was around 2004/2005. So here are some very grainy, blurry, badly scanned, almost fifteen years old photos.

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A short walk in the woods about two weeks ago.

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VSCO Roundup #42 – August 2018

In August we went hiking at Wilder Kaiser in Austria. It was quite hard and at some points even scary, but also absolutely wonderful and amazing. And after that: a weekend at the North Sea in the Netherlands with friends.

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VSCO Roundup #41 – July 2018

July. It was hot. Very hot. And I didn’t do a lot besides sitting in front of a fan in a darkened room. But I did a trip by boat on the Baldeneysee in Essen and I went to see the Marina Abramovic exhibition in Bonn. On the museum’s rooftop was a huge playground with swings and tons of Lego (the latter one officially being an installation by Olafur Eliasson).

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VSCO Roundup #40 – June 2018

The most important things in June: bicycle, beer, Fritzi the cat.

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Typo Berlin 2018

While sorting VSCO photos from the previous months I found a folder with pictures I took during the Typo Berlin conference in May. I had already prepared all of them on my way home, but I couldn’t upload them because of the crappy WiFi on the train. So here’s a bunch of (very) black and white photos from Berlin.

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VSCO Roundup #39 – May 2018

In May I first travelled East to Typo Berlin, then West to the Netherlands (yet again), but this time by bicycle. We did a part of the Rheinradweg, which is a bicycle path following the Rhine from its beginning (somewhere in Switzerland) to its end (the Dutch North Sea).

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VSCO Roundup #38 – April 2018

Here comes April. You’ll meet the two cutest guys in the world: Nino & Fritzi. They do have their own Instagram account by the way, so make sure to follow for pawsome cat content. Also, there was a trip to the beach in the Netherlands again. We had great weather, barefoot walks on the beach, ice cream and beer, and I had the chance to try my new kite. Fantastic weekend! A Place To Bury Strangers played a gig in Dortmund and a guy in the front row drank beer.