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Cologne Pride 2019

We had a really great pride weekend (or CSD, as it’s mostly called in Germany) in Cologne: friends, dyke march, perfect weather, drinks, big parade.


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Frankfurt / Beauty

Last Saturday we went to Frankfurt to see the “Beauty” exhibition by Sagmeister/Walsh. We also found some beauty outside the museum. My photos in chronological order:

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Trekking in the Eifel

Right after Easter we went on a three day trekking tour in the Eifel. We had booked two so-called Naturlagerplätze, wooden platforms in the middle of the forest. There’s room for two small tents on the platform, a bench and table is built right to it, and there’s an outhouse is nearby.

We hiked along the river Urft, crossed an exciting bridge, came by an estate that had been used by the Nazis for educational purposes, visited an abandoned Belgian gas station (the Nazi estate turned into a military training area first for the British, afterwards for the Belgians), had Grappa and coffee and scones and stroopwaffels and Nutella bread (and some disgusting looking trekking food from a plastic bag), got water from a beautiful little creek, were only a little scared by the blair-witchy constructions near our second platform, and saw virgin Mary on our way back.

Despite our backpacks being a little too heavy it was a fantastic trip and I’m looking forward to visiting the two newly opened platforms in the next year or so.

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A Sunday in April

Doing some creative stuff, watching the cats, going on a short walk, eating pizza.

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VSCO Roundup #46 – December 2018

In December there was a tiny little bit of snow for a few hours. I met a cat on the street and watched Fritzi watch out the window. We bought a Christmas tree (we did not cut it ourselves, though) and went to see an exhibition at NRW Forum in Düsseldorf: the elephant video is “Play Dead” by Douglas Gordon, the fantastic photo with legs and mirror is by someone else, whose name I’m unable to find out right now.

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VSCO Roundup #45 – November 2018

Not much going on in November.

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VSCO Roundup #44.2 – October 2018

And here’s the rest from October, which isn’t much. But at least there’s Nino, looking wise and mysterious.

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VSCO Roundup #44 .1 – October 2018 – Azores

Get ready for a huuuuuuge post! In October we spent a week on São Miguel, the biggest island of the Azores, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. We were hoping for a relaxed holiday: a little hiking, a little hanging around the pool. As it turned out, we couldn’t even use the pool once because it was raining and storming so heavily most of the time. Instead we hiked a lot and got wet a lot and were happy about our backpacks’ raincovers and fast drying functional clothes a lot.

I also took tons of photos with my “real” camera, but as usual, I haven’t even looked through them yet. So let’s start with the VSCO pictures from that trip.

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A Hiking Weekend 2/2: Diersfordter Wald

On Sunday we went a bit closer to the Dutch border. The tour in the Diersfordter forest led through a moor and dunes and we even saw a wild boar – thankfully only from behind.

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A Hiking Weekend 1/2: Rotbach

After weeks of gray and rainy winter weather, the forecast promised a beautiful weekend in January – with cold temperatures, clear sky and sunshine. So we decided to to check out two tours from Komoot’s “20 best hikes in the Ruhr Area” collection.

Prepared with long johns, a hip flask filled with grappa and the best handmade sandwiches we walked around some lakes and a stream near Bottrop called Rotbach. Here’s the route and here come the photos: