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VSCO Roundup #42 – August 2018


In August we went hiking at Wilder Kaiser in Austria. It was quite hard and at some points even scary, but also absolutely wonderful and amazing. And after that: a weekend at the North Sea in the Netherlands with friends.

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Typo Berlin 2018


While sorting VSCO photos from the previous months I found a folder with pictures I took during the Typo Berlin conference in May. I had already prepared all of them on my way home, but I couldn’t upload them because of the crappy WiFi on the train. So here’s a bunch of (very) black and white photos from Berlin.

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VSCO Roundup #39 – May 2018


In May I first travelled East to Typo Berlin, then West to the Netherlands (yet again), but this time by bicycle. We did a part of the Rheinradweg, which is a bicycle path following the Rhine from its beginning (somewhere in Switzerland) to its end (the Dutch North Sea).

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VSCO Roundup #38 – April 2018


Here comes April. You’ll meet the two cutest guys in the world: Nino & Fritzi. They do have their own Instagram account by the way, so make sure to follow for pawsome cat content. Also, there was a trip to the beach in the Netherlands again. We had great weather, barefoot walks on the beach, ice cream and beer, and I had the chance to try my new kite. Fantastic weekend! A Place To Bury Strangers played a gig in Dortmund and a guy in the front row drank beer.

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VSCO Roundup #37 – March 2018


Oh. It’s the end of August already and the last VSCO Roundup I did was February. I guess there was quite a lot going on during the past months. But I’ll hurry up now and maybe in December I’ll be almost back on schedule. ;-)

In March I spent a weekend in Bremen (very nice) and Bremerhaven (incredibly ugly, but with an interesting museum).

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VSCO Roundup #34 – December 2017


What an amazing last month of an amazing year! December started with a few days of snow, which made me very happy. And it ended with a trip to Stockholm – three days filled with museums, walks, fika, and a hot sauna. And stunning views out of the airplane window.

Have a great new year, everyone!

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VSCO Roundup #32 part 2 – October 2017


How can it be December already? Time always seems to go faster during the last months of the year …

Here in the blog it’s still October and here are my mobile phone photos from a short but awesome trip to Madeira, a Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean. The four days were filled with beautiful hikes, spectacular views, warm weather, cold beers, tasty pastéis de nata, scary car rides, and swimming in natural volcano pools.

(Also, there’s a selfie! Sort of.)


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Polaroids At The Beach


Maybe it’s because I recently re-played Life Is Strange, but I suddenly remembered my old Polaroid SX-70 and the shoebox filled with film. The film is really old (I bought most of it when Polaroid declared they would stop production) and so is its expiration date. But expired film is even more fun because you never now what will happen, so I took the camera with me when I spent a sunny day at the beach in the Netherlands. Lots of photos came out wrong, some didn’t come out of the camera at all (they did eventually, of course, but not exposed), and some turned out showing exactly the mood of that day: light, warm, mellow.

Now I’m really looking forward to shooting the rest from that shoebox.

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VSCO Roundup #30 – August 2017


When I was preparing the photos for this post I thought that some old pictures had accidentally slipped in, because it felt like I had taken them months ago. But it turned out that it had only been a few weeks …

In August I went to a beautiful and relaxed music festival, spent a night at the beach, and saw some great art installations at Skulpturprojekte Münster. Also: minigolf and beer!




VSCO Roundup #29 – July 2017


July was wild.

I spent a lot of time on bike. I did my first triathlon relay (I was responsible for the bicycle part, obviously) and I rode my first 100 kilometers on a road bike for the Rapha Women’s 100. (We didn’t join an official ride but did our own – and I really love the idea that women all over the world do the same on this exact day. You can find lots of photos when you search for #raphawomens100. Mine are here.)

I also spent a lot of time in airports and planes and I spent even more time on a ship. That’s because I went on an awesome voyage that took me all around Spitsbergen. (And briefly to Oslo.) As there was no cell phone or internet connection most of the time, I didn’t take that many pictures with my phone because I hardly had it with me. But I took thousands (literally) with my real camera. And maybe one day I will post some of them here. But until then – here’s a ton of mobile phone photos I took in July.






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