Downtown Jokkmokk

Jokkmokk Pride, I guess. 🌈👊

Ein von jottkah (@jott.kah) gepostetes Foto am

Jokkmokk’s pretty small, there are less than 3,000 inhabitants. So strolling through the city is quite a short pleasure, but it is one nevertheless. The whole city is covered in snow, not even the sidewalks are cleared. The streets are wide and light and the buildings are painted in beautiful colors. There are huge candles everywhere and in front of shops they have iron baskets with a real fire inside. (Something that would be completely impossible in Germany).

I was quite surprised by the rainbow flag in the middle of town – wouldn’t have expected that in a really tiny town at the end of the world. But it’s good to see that there obviously is queer life around the arctic circle. (Well – or I’m getting it all wrong and someone just liked that rainbow sticker. ;-))

My favorite photo is the one where the yellow snow perfectly matches the color of the building.



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