Friedrichstraße, Dortmund

Diana and I are doing this project called Samstag ist Badetag where we make stuff on Saturdays. This year we decided to challenge ourselves a little more and add a monthly task, which has to be presented as some kind of zine at the end of each month. The topic we had chosen for February was “Lokal”, which means “pub” as well as “local”. So I decided it would be cool to make it very local and just walk along the street I live in and take some photos. Maybe add some infographics (how long is the street, how many people are living there, how many piles of dog shit are there, …) and make a nice booklet out of it. So I went on a walk on a freezing morning, took lots of photos, got asked why I did that and whether I wanted to break in (yeah, even if – guess I wouldn’t have told you, nosy neighbor!), selected and edited photos all day long. When I wanted to start layouting the whole thing I checked again how many pages we had decided to do – and realized, that we had also decided to only use two colors, red and black. So my whole photo idea didn’t work anymore and that’s why I just post them here.






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