VSCO Roundup #30 – August 2017

When I was preparing the photos for this post I thought that some old pictures had accidentally slipped in, because it felt like I had taken them months ago. But it turned out that it had only been a few weeks …

In August I went to a beautiful and relaxed music festival, spent a night at the beach, and saw some great art installations at Skulpturprojekte Münster. Also: minigolf and beer!



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  1. 05.09.2017Kesro says:

    Deine Bilder sind immer so toll! Ich stelle mir dann immer vor, ich wohne in einem riesigen hellen weißen Loft und sie hängen da an der Wand ;)

  2. 08.09.2017jottkah says:

    Besorg Du das Loft, ich kümmer mich um den Rest. :-)

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