Poladarium Giveaway

Happy 2013! I’m starting this year with a giveaway: the Poladarium 2013, a tear-off calendar with 365 Polaroid photos. I had a Poladarium last year, but I realised that I’m not the type for daily calendars. Nevertheless I had to buy one again, because two of my photos are in it.

The calendar is beautifully produced, the size is exactly like a real Polaroid and the photos have a glossy finish. If you want it, just send an e-mail with your address and the subject “Poladarium” to poladarium [at] jottkah [dot] de.

You can take part until January 13th, and you need to have a shipping address somewhere in Europe.

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  1. 11.01.2013Madelein says:

    Nice. And How much is it?

  2. 11.01.2013jottkah says:

    It’s a giveaway, so I just give it away. For free. :-)

  3. 13.01.2013Madelein says:

    Oh :) Then I would love to have one if you still have some left? I will send you an email with my adress. Cool.

  4. 13.01.2013francisdodson says:

    I absolutely love the Poladarium! I spotted it in a little boutique in Corfu last year and brought it online straight away. Congrats on getting 2 of your photos in their, I look forward to seeing them :)


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