NYC #4


Those fire escapes! One of my big obsessions besides water tanks and neon signs.

Be careful: there’s an incredibly kitschy sunset and the end of this post.

nyc_day4_5711 nyc_day4_5713 nyc_day4_5714 nyc_day4_5718 nyc_day4_5722 nyc_day4_5725 nyc_day4_5732 nyc_day4_5735 nyc_day4_5737 nyc_day4_5744 nyc_day4_5746 nyc_day4_5748 nyc_day4_5750 nyc_day4_5752 nyc_day4_5754 nyc_day4_5756 nyc_day4_5759 nyc_day4_5761 nyc_day4_5768 nyc_day4_5769 nyc_day4_5771 nyc_day4_5773 nyc_day4_5774 nyc_day4_5779 nyc_day4_5780 nyc_day4_5781 nyc_day4_5782 nyc_day4_5784 nyc_day4_5785 nyc_day4_5793 nyc_day4_5794 nyc_day4_5795 nyc_day4_5798 nyc_day4_5799 nyc_day4_5802 nyc_day4_5808 nyc_day4_5810 nyc_day4_5815 nyc_day4_5819 nyc_day4_5821 nyc_day4_5822 nyc_day4_5823 nyc_day4_5828 nyc_day4_5829 nyc_day4_5846 nyc_day4_5870 nyc_day4_5874 nyc_day4_5878 nyc_day4_5882 nyc_day4_5886 nyc_day4_5895 nyc_day4_5900 nyc_day4_5908

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